These serve teams are the only way that the church can be what it’s meant to be. The church never was and never is just a common place to gather. The Church is the people who work together to point others to Jesus. Members of these teams are the “Marthas” of the church, working behind the scenes and often with little recognition to make NorthPark feel like home to anyone who comes through our doors. Let us know how you would like to serve inside the walls of NorthPark. If you aren’t quite sure what the best way for you to serve is, you can always use your Spiritual Gifts to help guide your decision. You can take a Spiritual Gifts Survey to help determine what those are.


These NorthPark Teams meet the needs of our members and guests on campus on Sunday mornings. They work together to provide an open and friendly environment in our church.

Café Team
Volunteers serve coffee and snacks on Sunday mornings giving you the opportunity to create a welcome environment for our members and guests.

Coffee Team
The Coffee Ministry Team provides fresh coffee to Adult Life Groups each Sunday morning. This team meets the need for caffeine while also eliminating the need to coffee makers in each classroom.

Decision Team
The Decision Ministry Team works with our staff to coordinate decisions made during worship services. They are quietly on hand to process the necessary paperwork that accompanies new members and spiritual decisions.

Food Services
The Food Services Ministry Team helps with Wednesday Night Supper and with special meal events. They provide kitchen help, services, and cleanup help as needed.

Golf Cart Ministry
The Golf Cart Ministry Team keeps the golf cart shuttles running during all of the Sunday mornings service times and at other events. They are some of the first greets that church members and visitor comes in contact with as they enter the campus. They make an effort to watch for people entering the lots and quickly get to them to provide them with a ride to the building.

Hospitality Team
These volunteers serve once a month greeting you at the NorthPark doors with a welcoming smile. They are available to answer your questions at the Welcome Center and have ministry schedules and class listings at hand to direct you around our facilities.

Medical Team
The Medical Team consists of medically training people who serve on a rotating basis each Sunday morning. They are “on call” to provide assistance in a medical emergency. Team members are also available at church events.

Photography Team
The church provides complimentary photos of baby dedications and baptism through a team of photographers. The team members also shoot new member photos and various special events taking place at the church.

Safety Response Team
The Safety Response Team was established to provide a safe environment on our church property. They are responsible for establishing safety rules for building usage as wells evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

The Usher Ministry Team assists during worship services by giving out bulletins, helping to direct those entering and living the worship center, taking up the offering, finding seats for people and taking a count of the attendance in the services. They stay near the doors during the services to assist with any need that should arise.

Worship Ministry Tech Teams
The Backstage Tech Ministry Team, the Lighting Tech Ministry Team, the Media Tech Ministry Team, and the Sound Tech Ministry Team make up the Worship Ministry Tech Teams. These teams provide behind-the-scenes effort that makes our worship services and special events run smoothly.



Teams serving during the week at NorthPark see to the business and operational needs of the church. If you have a skill that qualifies you for one of these teams, please let the staff know.

Bulletin Stuffers
Bulletin Stuffers meet each Friday morning to insert offering envelopes, sermon guides, etc. into the Sunday morning worship guide.

Events Setup
The Events Setup Ministry Team is another group of serving people. They help prepare the building for usage. Because NorthPark is a multiuse facility, much rearranging has to be done to facilitate various events.

Grounds Maintenance
The Grounds Maintenance Ministry Team will work alongside our Lawn Care Provider to keep our campus grounds neat and well maintained. This group will handle our seasonal flowers and groundcover.

Hospitality Team
These volunteers assist with special events at NorthPark.

Receptionist Volunteers
Receptionist volunteers answer the church phone and greet visitors creating a positive and inviting impression of NorthPark. Volunteers are needed weekday mornings and on Wednesday afternoon.

The Teller Ministry Team assists with offerings each week. Four rotating groups receive the offering from the ushers at the end of the worship services. They work with the finance ministry assistant to process the offerings to make them ready for deposit. There is a teller chairman and a head teller for each group.

The Transportation Ministry Team has responsibility for maintaining the vehicles owned by the church. This team ensures that the vehicles are safe and that drivers are properly licensed and insured. The team will also conduct a monthly inspection and cleaning of the vehicles.



Life change happens in small groups. At NorthPark, we want to include everyone in our small group ministries. Small Group volunteers are the backbone of the church. It takes many volunteers to handle these duties, and more are always needed.

Adult Ministries – Life Groups
Life Groups meeting on Sunday mornings are the largest ministry team at NorthPark. Life Groups embody NorthPark’s philosophy of ministry and leadership. Through Sunday morning classes, we track our membership and minister to them. There are many ways you can serve through Life Groups – teaching, evangelism, fellowship, etc.

Adult Ministries – Discipleship Groups
Discipleship Groups are intimate small groups of no more than twelve in a relational environment for the purpose of intentional discipleship and spiritual growth. These groups meet anytime and anywhere. Discipleship Groups meet for Bible Study and personal accountability.

Adult Ministries – Equipping Groups
Equipping Groups are Bible Study groups that focus on equipping believers for Christian living and ministry. Equipping Groups are short in duration, lasting no more than a couple of months. Equipping groups meet on Wednesday nights, and seasonally for women, on Tuesday mornings.

Adult Ministries – Men
The men of NorthPark Baptist Church are excited about the ministry opportunities available to men in our church. Our Foundations Ministry Leadership Team would love to help you engage in a vibrant ministry, alongside other men, intent on “igniting the hearts of men for Jesus Christ.”

Adult Ministries – Women
NorthPark’s Women’s Ministry offers a variety of avenues for women to get involved and ways you can be ministered to. NorthPark Women is designed to fit every woman at every season of life. We believe that every woman has purpose and meaning in her life for the kingdom and we want to partner with you to help you fulfill that mission and become the woman God desires you to be!

Adult Ministries – Fun Setters
Fun Setters is a ministry for the “more mature” of our NorthPark Family who love to have fun in the Lord. This ministry will provide day trips for those who are retired and free during the day. There are also outings at night for those who are still in the workforce.

Prayer Ministry
The Prayer Ministry Team coordinates special prayer emphases to support churchwide events. They help to maintain a firm foundation of prayer for every facet of ministry at NorthPark.

Worship Ministries
NorthPark’s Worship Ministries include the Worship Choir and Worship Band. The Worship Choir is NorthPark’s primary worship-leadership team. We desire to raise up worship leaders who are willing to make a commitment to faithful participation in rehearsals, 9:00 and 10:30 Sunday services, and special events! All skill levels are welcome to join the Worship Choir.



Adult Ministries – College
NorthPark’s College Ministry provides Bible study, recreational activities, retreats, and worship experiences for college-aged students (18-24 years old). Reaching these young adults in that crucial decision-making period of life is key to keeping their lives on the paths God intends for them.

Student Ministries – High School
The High School Ministry team works with students in grades 9-12. The ministry strives to keep students focused on a relationship with Jesus Christ as they grow into young adults.

Student Ministries – Middle School
NorthPark’s Middle School Ministry Team works with students in grades 6-8. This ministry helps students making that awkward transition from child to teenager. Helping them discover God’s plans for their lives while keeping it fun eases this difficult stage in life.

(All Student, Children, and Preschool Workers must complete the volunteer application process involving a background check.)



Children’s Ministries – AWANA
AWANA is a ministry committed to “reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him.” AWANA is based on a clear, consistent presentation of the gospel with Bible memory as the cornerstone.

Children’s and Preschool Ministry
Out Children’s and Preschool Ministry Teams care for the future of our church – our little ones. NorthPark is a church intentionally focused on ministering to families. Providing excellent care and exciting learning opportunities for children of all ages is the goal of these ministries.

(All Student, Children, and Preschool Workers must complete the volunteer application process involving a background check.)


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