2021 Old Testament Bible Reading Plan

Click here for the 2021 Reading Plan.

On February 12, Dads, get dressed up and take your daughter(s) out on a date or cook them a nice meal at the house. Then come to NPBC at 7:00 pm for dessert and a night of dancing at NPBC's first Masquerade Ball. Be sure to wear a mask that covers your mouth. The event is just $20.00 a family. This event is for girls K-5 through 12th grade and their dads. Click here to sign up.


We are extremely excited about HS Connect Weekend! We have a lot of fun things planned! Most importantly though, this weekend will be a great time for our students to focus on God’s Word! We are not going to be spending the night in host homes this time around due to the environment we’re in with Covid. It’s still going to be awesome! You won’t want to miss it! Click here to sign up.